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Boutique Haul Pt. 1: Goodnight Macaroon + Bella Ella Boutique

Boutique Haul Pt. 1: Goodnight Macaroon + Bella Ella Boutique

This past month I ordered 3 items from each online boutique and I’m more than excited to share with you guys what I experienced.

Typically, I try to avoid shopping online because I hate paying for shipping, the clothes aren’t how it was modeled, and my patience level for the items to come in is a bare minimum (even with Amazon Prime). Yet I bought from these two online boutiques’ because I knew I wanted to make this post and understand that sometimes you just don’t have time to shop in person. So, let’s get started.



Goodnight Macaroon


‘Ritar’ White Embroidered Top — Small — $10.00

  • This top is quite loose, so I’m really happy I bought a small. The end of the shirt is pretty awkward, therefore when planning to wear it I know I’m going to have to tuck it in.

‘Catherine’ Ruffle Striped Belted Midi Dress — M — $15.00

  • The dress is tighter than usual around the bust area, but then it leaves extra material around the armpit area?? I enjoy open back dresses/shirts so this one is great. The biggest problem I found about this dress is that the extra piece of clothing that goes under the slit is not enough to cover anything…. yeah… so either get it altered or don’t wear it on a windy day.

‘Lisa’ Striped Ruffle Off Shoulder Belted Dress — M — $20.00

  • SUCH A CLASSY DRESS FOR 20 BUCKS!! The dress is also slightly tighter than usual around the bust area, and I have to be careful with the annoying opening between buttons (bust gap).  

Payment/Return Policy:

  • They only accept PayPal — so I had to make an account

  • Return Policy states that sale items will be returned for store credit

Shipping/Ordering Details:

  • Shipping was an additional $9.99 (7-16 business days)

  • Ordered the items on Aug. 11 (Saturday)

  • Processed + Shipped on Aug. 14 (Tuesday)

  • Delivered on Aug. 26 (Sunday)

=  15 days since I first placed the order



 Bella Ella Boutique


Roman Holiday Navy Paisley Dress — M — $14.99

  • I’m always a bit skeptical when buying above the knee dresses online. I personally don’t like my dresses being too short because of my height. The website stated the model was 5’7” (I’m the same height), and it looked like it reached a little bit above the knee… yay… but not really. It’’s definetly shorter than I anticipated. The dress is also leaves me the annoying bust gap, and it seems like it left it on the model too.

Live a Little Navy Printed Top — S — $14.99

  • I am such a big fan for a combination of the colors orange and navy. This shirt is comfortable, loose, and fits just right. I love how loose it is yet still shapes your bust area. Currently wearing it as I’m typing this blog. I’m normally a medium for anything and everything, and ordering a small was a great choice.

Marry Me White Floral Blouse — S — $11.99

  • Looking at the shirt I thought it would be too small, but once again it fits just right. It’s a half way button down shirt than can be rolled and pinned up on the arms. I wore it down to my wrist, and tucked in. I really enjoy this shirt as it can be dressed up or dressed down.

Payment/Return Policy:

  • Accepts all major credit/debit cards

  • Return Policy states that sale items can be returned to the original payment

Shipping/Ordering Details:

  • FREE Shipping (5-7 business days) — enough said

  • Ordered the items on Sept. 09 (Sunday)

  • Processed + Shipped on Sept. 10 (Monday)

  • Delivered on Sept. 12 + 13 (Wednesday + Thursday)

    = 3 + 4 days since I placed the order




Both boutiques have cute clothes and different styles to offer. I like how both boutiques will let you know if the item is true to size or not. I can see myself purchasing from Bella Ella Boutique more often than Goodnight Macaroon because of the delivery time frame and return policy. Who doesn’t like free shipping and fast delivery???


Let me know down below in the comments if you want to see more post likes these with other online boutiques.

*Disclaimer: This post is not a collaboration with the following companies. All items were bought with my own money. (Read more about the truth about my reviews here.)*