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Goodbye Chaffing

Goodbye Chaffing

Chaffing in between my inner thighs was something that I always experienced since my cross-country days. My solution was to add another article to my running outfit.. sliders. It’s great to run in sliders, but sometimes I just wanted to wear shorts and not have to worry about chaffing.


This past February I finally came across Body Glide’s Anti-Chaffing Balm For Her (they have it for Him too), and leeeee’meee just tell you it’s one of the best running products I have bought!!



It’s extremely simple to use. Just glide it on directly from the stick onto your skin, make sure your skin is not greasy or wet. Then go on with your day, it’s a long-lasting application!



I have used it for a half marathon and walked out without a single rash in the area I have applied it at. Instead, I finished the race realizing where else I need to apply the balm lololololol.


The balm is not sticky, nor does it have a weird smell. It’s a small stick which helps minimize the things in your gym bag. I have extremley sensitive skin, and the ingredients used in this product are safe and have not given me a reaction. But most importantly it IS sweat resistant!! So it will NOT come off. 


I’m one happy runner since I’ve came across this product and now I no longer have to stick to wearing sliders when I run. This product is not just for runners, it’s designed for anyone that is experiencing chaffing when working out.

*Disclaimer: This post is not a collaboration with the following companies. All items were bought with my own money. (Read more about the truth about my reviews here.)*

Becoming a Runner

Becoming a Runner