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Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here I document the different aspects of my life in hope to inspire you. Have a nice stay!

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The Truth About My Product Reviews

The Truth About My Product Reviews

I want to make it clear to everyone that the products I review or suggest to you guys are my honest opinions.


Nowadays there are many companies reaching out to individuals for collaborations where the individual will get a commission/discount when advertising a product. The vision behind starting my website is to be honest and transparent, and that even applies to my product reviews. I am not stating that I will never collaborate with a company, but I’m simply saying that I WILL give a 100% authentic review. When the day comes to collaborate with a company, I will narrow it down to working with companies I love. My purpose for this is to gain your trust when it comes to product reviews and not to throw the basic comment; “oh my gosh I love this product!!” even though I may not like it. Therefore, every product review/suggestion I mention on my website will be noted whether or not I collaborated with a company.


Some may see this negatively, but I see it as an opportunity to disregard the chance to earn money, and instead earn people’s trust coming across my website. :-)



*sips tea*

sips tea